This project was not an easy feat to overcome. starting with nothing and trying to pick a topic seems to be a big hurdle for me. I ended up picking two topics and trying to go with whichever one I could get working. My first topic was a Jeopardy like CLI because of my love for the game show and the recent death of the show's host, Alex Trebeck. The second topic I chose was a TV guide like CLI which is the one that ended up working for me.

My curiosity for coding started at my current job working at a Mercedes Benz dealership. We are always having issues with the app they made to be able to start your car remotely, among other features like unlocking, locking, and viewing different stats about the vehicle. I started to wonder about what issues could cause this to not work. I realized I needed to understand how computers worked.

I started to venture out into the internet for answers. Then I realized that this topic of software was too large for me to handle on my own. I went to a friend I knew worked in the industry and asked her for advice and she referred me to FlatIron. I did the boot camp and decided to pursue a career in software.

I also have a interest in cyber security and have been trying to teach myself that on the side. I’m also pursuing a degree in Microbiology. …

Jordan Hayes

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